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Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:United States of America


But you can call me Nyx.

I'm all right, I guess. If I love you I would stab someone's eyes out with a fork to protect you. If I like you, I'll probably respond when you message me. If I don't know you well, I'm likely to be either intrigued or indifferent. If I don't like you, which is rare, I probably try to think of you as 'dying of insert-random-ailment-here'--no one can be mean to someone in that condition. Whatever you mean to me, if you leave me a comment or send me an email, you've got solid 50/50 chances of getting an answer--I believe in equality!

I care about and am loyal to the people in my life. I'm just not always good with keeping up. I almost never answer my phone, unless it's after 1am, in which case someone may need me to help them hide bodies, and well, that's IMPORTANT. Emails, unless short or direly important, I probably answer 10 times in my head before the possibility of actually writing those responses dies a final death. I wrote them in my head! Swear!

I write original fiction sometimes. Mostly, I write fanfiction, mostly of the Supernatural TV series variety. I also write real person fanfiction, mostly of the CW Network variety, which earns me a special place in Hell. Almost all of my fanfic stories contain porn, mostly about pretty boys getting it on. Sometimes, they're brothers. I know. It's all good. Big Daddy Lu has a penthouse suite waiting for me.

I friend everyone back. All of my fanfiction is unlocked. Posts with Supernatural or J2 squee are f-locked. General posts about RL are on f-lock. Personal RL posts are mostly posted on f-lock filters. I add people to those filters as I get to know them.

"It's easy to show that you're mad or angry. Anger is basic math. But showing compassion and joy and caring, that's geometry."

Interests (43):

beauty & tragedy, being irreverent, boyslash, brian motherfucking kinney, chair dancing, contemplating existence, damon/stefan, doing the impossible, extolling virtues of sin, fighting authority and winning, fighting crime with porn, flipping you off, getting lost in novels, ian/paul, introspection reflection, jensen/jared, late night philosophy discussions, life as a wip, loving unconditionally, my honey, overdosing on fanfiction, owing you nothing, people who use dictionaries, perception as a guideline, performing vodka rituals, perpetual contemplative distraction, poetic mack trucks, pretty boys with eyeliner, rolling around in words, sam/dean, seduction as an artform, self illumination, sinuous disconnected flow, spn, tenacity, the road demolished, the road not taken, the road under construction, truth as a drug, universal truths, unpopular opinions, your mom, your version of utopia
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